Party time

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 13439

Charlotte runs downstairs into a room of other little girls, all in their best party frocks. She is so excited that she is now six.

They eat lots of sandwiches and sausages. Charlotte chats excitedly to her best friend Lucy about how they will spend the forthcoming school holidays. They decide that they will spend most of it at the swimming pool and the shopping centre.

"Lottie" says Lucy "Do you mind if my brother comes too, he really likes you."

Charlotte is really rather excited for Freddie is a very nice eight year old boy and it would be lots of fun to have him around. "All right" Charlotte replies "But only at the swimming pool. Boys are so silly when it comes to shopping."

The two girls think that is an excellent compromise and get back to the party, where it is time for Charlotte to cut her lovely birthday cake.

  1. Charlotte cuts the cake and makes a wish
  2. Charlotte trips and falls flat on top of the cake
  3. The cake explodes

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Karen Ford

10/8/2000 2:22:50 PM

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