The Never Ending Quest - Episode 13342

"Though....things seemed to have developed in a....slightly different manner than I'd expected," she added, Feeling the emotions of Annafrid and Astra in regards to each other.

"Uh, I think I see what you mean," Andrea says, fox tail twitching. "What exactly happened?"

"I showed them by Sending what I sensed from each of them," Ti'maa explained. "Nothing more. How they chose to react to it afterwards was up to them. However, if nothing had been done......"

Both Andrea and Joan whistle softly at what wasn't said.

It would have gotten real ugly!!

Finally, after a whispering....giggling session between the new lovers, Jarlath finishes it off by saying simply.

"We'll make this work," he said simply.

Those with super hearing (like elves or demifoxes) whispered to Joan that he was talking about any questions of whether or not the rest of the people back home could accept the threesome here.

The simple statement that Jarlath had made made it abundantly clear that even IF nobody else accepted them....that it didn't matter to him.

From the looks of Annafrid and Astra, they were in total agreement with Jarlath about that possibility themselves.

"I believe the next place we need to go is to the village that Annafrid, while still named Hannah, remembers that she came from," Astra says softly, "It's a few days walk, but we can obtain horses and more provisions for the long journey to Master Prang's place easily enough. Perhaps we can even meet her folks?"

The last was delivered in a teasing chuckle.<P.

"Well, I do at least want to assure them I am alive," Annafrid says, running a hand through her long blonde hair, "Though how to do it...and to break the news that I must leave this world forevermore after we are done here......?"

While the limitation of the spell returning them to Terra Prime was limited to how much mass it could teleport (and thus is why they left the vast treasure of the dragon behind instead of trying to add to their already full travel money bac), Annafrid's body was vital for the return trip. As for the other issues raised by Annafrid.....that's a good question.

  1. But that's something that she and the others can work upon as they travel to their initial destination.

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