An Elfin Lass on Love....

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 13273

But let's go and follow the doings of our young adventurers, shall we?

The adventurers exit the caverns silently and then go over to the very spot where, earlier, a young knight in his twenties was complaining about there being more entrances to the Southern Caverns than what was shown on the map.

Andrea and Joan, on different worlds, had seen this very spot, and note it's significance.

For Joan, it had been the last few momments before her body had been transformed from male to the lovely dark skinned female beauty she now loved being.

For Andrea, it was the site of where she and the others who'd saved her from the Unseelie got ambushed by Minestus' goons. Her fox ears twitch as she remembers the concussive fireball that Evis 7 (Probe's wife) had tried to block bodily, but failed to fully contain. The blast had burned her horribly and broke her back....and necessitated the need for Demifox Synizn to gift her with the body she now gladly wore.

But now, like then, there is a tension in the air as they sit down. Ti'mma sits herself upon a nearby rock and then sighs.

The odd and wise look on her young adolescent face is eerie even to those who've been her friend since the first few steps she took so long ago.

"Now, before you speak," she begins, "What I have to say is not with crude words....but with the Gift I was able to keep even when I came to be as I am now. This Gift I will now use will show what I Felt from you all: Jarlath, Astra, and Annafrid."

And so, through Ti'mma's eyes and Senses, they view that one fateful moment of the Kiss!

And for one brief second the Saw and Felt what Ti'mma had felt....and in that one second the tuth of their hearts became known to them all and they were one for one brief moment in time.

Jarlath's love for Astra was revealed, and Astra's love (that she'd been hiding and putting off as nonsense and nothing) was reveal to him. Both felt incredibly warm....and silly, for not having seen it and told the other about it before now.

Jarlath's and Annafrid's love for each other was revealed and both Annafrid and Jarlath were amazed at how true it was.

Then Annafrid and Astra saw each other....and saw each had a warrior's spirit and heart....and that was when each fell in love with the other! Not in the ordinary, romantic sense. Rather, they fell in love with each other as say a fellow Amazon of old loved her "sister" in combat. Deep, true, and primal in a sense....but of a different nature than what bard's speak of in their insipid tales.

Then the moment passed and Ti'mma, spent, fell to her knees.

"By Jesus, it's so hard to Send to humans," she swore to herself.

She then blinks and reflexively looked about for her parents (who'd wash her mouth out with soap and ground her for the next ten years if they ever heard her use language like that).

"What did you do?" Joan whispered as she helped Ti'mma back to her feet.

"Only showed the truth of the matter to them," the elfin lass sighs as she watches Astra, Jarlath, and Annafrid share a molten threeway embrace, "If left alone, misunderstandings and mis- communications could have easily lead to hatreds and loathings......."

  1. "Though....things seemed to have developed in a....slightly different manner than I'd expected," she added, Feeling the emotions of Annafrid and Astra in regards to each other.

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