A Walk in the Park

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 13262

"In the meantime, I dunno, why don't you guys go out and see DC or something?" Betty added.

And the is exactly what they did!

It is in the later part of the year that the TARDIS materializes inside an empty room in a warehouse complex......ironically not too far away from another seemingly abandoned complex where a man called Brill works in a place he calls the Jar.

The Doctor had chosen this particular landing sight because it reminded him of yet another movie he'd seen awhile ago that seemed to fit so well with recent events with conspiracies, NSA, and what not.

He'd explain later why he has a special twinkle in his eye as he lands later, sure that Inquirer and the others (except Elrondir) would get a real kick out of it when it became clear.

The smile that Elrondir gives him tells the Doctor that at least the AI turned Elf recognizes how similar this spot is to the movie.

Apparently he's seen the movie vice just having read the movie tie- in like dear Inquirer had done, the Doctor muses, Then again, she always seemed to prefer text to video when consuming that brand of fiction.

That done, they depart for various sights via one of several cars that were stored away inside the TARDIS. Ragan, the elves, and Sigin were off to see several of the tourist sights around the area (the later two putting on appropriate magical disguises to better blend into the mass of humanity at large). Betty went out to see her friend about a book of rules. As for Inquirer and the Doctor, they went out and took a walk in the park (as had become a welcome habit).

"At least in my universe there was one city park I found rather pleasant in this area," the Doctor smiled as they drove off, "It was and is called Occuquan Park."

So as to not be needlessly disturbed by others as they walked along, both agreed that the back part of the park with it's trails, was the best place for this latest romantic tryst. Any curious ones they did encounter would be told tey were just opera players from Wolftrap (an open air play complex that was 20 minutes away from Washington, DC) rehearsing parts.

But fortunately, that wasn't needed and our two odd romantics are left in peace.

However, as the evening progressed, they ran right into yet another scene right of the movies.

Life imitating the movies yet again.....

The next part is taken from transcripts from Enemy of the State, a Touchtone Pictures movie; ORIGINAL SCRIPT AND STORY BY DAVID MARCONI (copyrighted to them).


Police, fire and ambulance vehicles surround the lake with reporters all over the place.

FIELD REPORTER #1: I'm standing by, live at the Occuquan reservoir, where police and fire officials are in the process of removing a classic Mercedes, owned by congressman Phillip Hammersly of Seraquez, New York.

FIELD REPORTER #2: This accident comes at a very untimely juncture since the congressman was working on a controversial piece of legislation, Dale, opposing the Telecommunications Security and Privacy Act.

The camera cuts to BINGHAM in officer gear. On the other side of the lake a van drives past.

FIELD REPORTER #1: Fire officials do tell me the congressman was by himself in the car, we have confirmed that but strangely enough, his favorite dog, Bod is currently with police.

BINGHAM sees the van pull up to a box.

FIELD REPORTER #3: I understand that there was a history of heart problems.

DANIEL ZAVITZ exits the van and heads for the box. BINGHAM takes a sip of coffee.

FIELD REPORTER #2: There was in fact a history of heart problems, in fact the congressman endured open heart surgery just a couple of years ago.

ZAVITZ opens the box. BINGHAM is watches him.

FIELD REPORTER #4: Homicide investigators have told that they did find a bottle of pill in his lap. That might mean that the congressman and I speculate here may have suffered a heart attack before going into the Occquan reservoir.

FIELD REPORTER #3: He leaves behind a family of four.

FIELD REPORTER #4: We'll have more details as the story develops.

As the FIELD REPORTERS talk, ZAVITZ takes out a video camera and replaces the video tape inside the camera. BINGHAM is worried. ZAVITZ returns to his van.......

As Bingham (the NSA agent that had actually comitted the murder of Hammersly under the orders of on highly placed NSA official called Reynolds) is about to call in the vans plate numbers, the Doctor and Inquirer come upon the scene.

The Doctor and Inquirer idly notes the plate numbers also, and then notes the scene across the lake.

  1. They then look at each other in consternation.

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