Mind in Locomotion

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 13248

So it begins...

"Daddy?" a large foxkit (of nine years) asks, looking down at a miniature version of his father (and Packleader of the Manimal Nation of Terra Prime)....

That is about the time that two other set of twin fox Manimal cubs come into the room, a bit sore that their younger siblings had been so rude as to run off away from their father's rather important guests. That these children had one curious (with a rather disgruntled manbear adult guide take up the rear) was just as well. Frankly, whilst there was no real self aggrandizement in their actions, they rather wanted to impress their guests with just how grown up they are to their father and these guests with how they boss around their younger siblings. Basically, the older siblings (now on the cusp on puberty) were typical children, despite being covered in fur.

The one guest from the Federation's Star Fleet followed along in a bit of curiosity as well with what one could call a tingling from a sixth sense of sorts that had served him so well in ages past. Something was telling him that something chaotic is in the works.

Besides, quiet frankly it was a rather nice change of pace to "hang around" with these children! Given the rather hostile environment he grew up in and now the rather stifling environment he finds within Star Fleet "red tape". Oh, surprisingly enough he now had a firm ally in what Admiral Edward Jellico....

Ah, but I see we need a little background info, eh?

This guest I am talking about is from a Star Trek book series (or at least his life was mirrored in) called Star Trek: The Next Generation- New Frontier

He is called Mackenzie Calhoun and a bios can be found here:

http: //www.geocities .com/lilladn /Calhoun.html

The bios for Admiral Edward Jellico is found here:

http:// www.geocities.com/ lilladn/Hypedia. html#J

Despite hard feeling from the past, events that happened after here (re: 7312) lead up to the events here (re: 7726).

So whilst Calhoun isn't exactly an enemy of Jellico, you still might here him muttering to himself, asking just how Jellico talked him into accepting this position! Still and all, despite years in the Admiralty (or because of it...given what he had to do in order to get Star Fleet and the Federation back on it's feet), he still was much of the man who's methods made Captain Kirk (which ever one you speak of) stand back and take notice...and drop their mouths in how he either bent (or broke) rules and regulations (and got away with it)!

Now, that all said, what happens next is rather involved, so we shall just recap the basics here, alright?

Okay, now the miniature humanoids who'd been swept into this room by Scott had not as of yet gotten assimilated by the special, rather invasive, nature of the Manimals of Terra Prime. The Chaos energy of Scott was still blocking it (but was rapidly getting depleted by the effort). See, the Manimals of Terra Prime used to be accursed human beings transformed by a modified lycanthropy we shall call "neo- lycanthropy". The creator of the neo-lycanthropy had been on a quest to create a new species entirely and had succeeded in sorts with the Manimals. The means that this now defunct mad creator had used to change the accursed humans into Manimals was still active, and but the Chaos energy would have converted the these new (miniture) guests as well. However, due to at first the Chaos energy and then the quick thinking of Calhoun by having them emergency beamed aboard and put into strict quarantine with force fields (and a few other high tech doohickeys) , the conversion was held off for most.

During the beam-out, not everyone had been gathered up by the transporters. . . . and stayed around long enough for the conversion to take place!

To make matters even MORE interesting, one of those converted gets rather attracted to the character and emotions given off by a bear Manimal named Manbear Synizn.....

....and falls in love with him....

Now, what does that mean, folks?

Well, here's the deal!

Now, because of what Scott did was considered by the Celestrials a dire offense....so dire in fact that there was a minimal ammount of inter- Office political manuvuering needed in order for the Alicia's destroyed Terra to be restored and the accursed humans in animal form put back there (to where they would have to sort out their own problems, alas, for themselves). The misguised Slammer ship is instead guided back to it's orignal target and let loose, destroying it's main target....the Homeworld of the Race. Their Emperor died then and there (as how it went at the end of the Enemy/Alliance war . . . as history recorded it, folks....can't change that history without serious consequences to all....including several Champions).

Nevermind, that's not important right now....

Ah, but what of Alicia, who is now a vixen Fox Manimal and Manbear Synizn (who's a bear Manimal).

Puts one's mind in motion (or is that "locomotion"?) when one things about it, I guess...

  1. Again, that has all to do with the Manimals being one speicies, despite the different shapes.....

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