What happened?

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 13247

Well, simply put, Fred's world just died.

See, Author Scott had some rather dark plans for our erstwhile and feral hero. Something that was to finally snap Fred's mind right before Author Fred routed a ship he'd stolen while it had been in flight with it's brothers off to finish off some Reptilian race that had ben involed in a life or death struggle between themselves and a race called humanity that they'd had set up for their next main course. The other Slammer ships had finished the job, but the fate of this simple drone ship had been put on a different course that would have....after a few more adjustments by Scott....would have slammed into Fred's world (at something like a tenth the speed of light) just moments after Fred's mind snapped as he surveyed the ruin of his world after the Enemy bombed his Allaria off the face of the planet.<P.

But schedules got interrupted and fates changed.

Instead, Fred got snatched up and put into the one place on his planet that offered a chance in Hades of survival.

The Doctor had put a special magical spell on his lab that in case one of his enemies attacked in such numbers that his castle would be destroyed....it would teleport all living beings within it to the nearest safe parallel reality (usually only seen by scrying pools and other devices).

The Doctor had assuemd that when this attack would happen he'd have finally have retreated to his strongest reinforced room when it finally got to that point.

But as it was the Doctor and all others outside the Lab bought the farm.

Fred and the otehrs find themselves in a giant playroom, filled with toys of various types....

The Manimals are still picking themselves off the floor, dizzy, when two sets of children (one set of identical boys, one set of identical girls) come laughing and running into the room.....

  1. "Daddy?" a large foxkit (of nine years) asks, looking down at a miniature version of his father (and Packleader of the Manimal Nation of Terra Prime)....

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