Getting Directions

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 13221

"That sounds good, but before we can kill the dragon, first we've got to find it, which from what I've heard from my analogues often tended to be something of a stumbling block," Astra says. "We can't afford to spend days or even weeks looking for it." "No problem for a competent magic user," Jarlath says. "In fact, from what we learnt from Chelene, Annafrid probably would have found out exactly where the dragon could be found. It's a pity that she somehow lost her memory of the last twenty-four hours before her arrival on our own world. As it is, I'll have to cast the appropriate spell. I must be careful, though. Wouldn't want to alert the dragon in the process."

Jarlath discovers that the dragon's lair lies to the south, and the party heads in that direction.

  1. They arrive at the lair without incident.
  2. Unfortunately, although Jarlath's spell is too subtle for the dragon to detect, it isn't too subtle for Prang to detect.

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9/23/2000 2:17:16 PM

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