Between the Ticks of the Clock....

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 13219

But, this was touchy business, and if Annafrid didn't navigate this correctly ....nothing personal....they'd have to destroy her and put her in the Here After.

And much to their edification, Annafrid flew through this session with flying colors. While

"Arise, Champion," Rule 35,200,123 finally says, satisfied.

"As of right now we are not in need of your services," his Chaos counterpart smiled, "Go with your fellow Champions and seek out to accomplish your quest. It's worthy and just, and though We are not allowed to intervene.....we wish you......"

"Success," the three Celestrial Beings say in harmony....and then......

Annafrid senses Death blink (surprised that such an exception has been made....the Quota for Champoins was already made, he had thought.....but Orders are Orders).

Rule and Agent would like to do much more for their newest Champion (for all of them), but it wasn't allowed. The humans and such wouldh have to sort things out for themselves. Their quest...and the developing situation between the the humans (strange indeed)......

But they have done what they can....and can do no more. With the stuff set in motion with this new Champion (and possible others if things work out right)......

Her heart sings in joy as she feels Time slip away from her and acknowledge her as an equal. Death's appointment with her is canceled, permanently.

But suddenly two facts suddenly intrued on her mind.,p.

One is that it was a lucky thing that Jarlath was also a Champion (how she knew that....she wasn't sure). Else she'd be in a hard way if she was going to seriously pursue the budding romantic interest she had in him......because the thought of haveing a serious relationshiop....a loving relationship with somebody who'd eventually die on you of old age while you remained young and health......

Annafrid shuddered at the mistake that had almost happened.

Another was.....

"Why didn't you tell me you were all Champions of Rule and Agents?!" Annafrid asks suddenly, turning to her companions.

She then did a quick mental review of what she had just aid. Just how insane it would have sounded if they'd actually told her.

"Never mind, I understand why," she says softly, embarrassed.

As the other humans (and elf) look at her in surprise (for that part of the humans' lives had been.....glossed over and not menioned because it just was too fantastic to be believed).

After explaining exactly what all this was about to Chelene, the Fairy look....stunned.

"So the Elders were right after all about being Others," she whispers, "I thought it was just the Seelie and Unseelie Courts."

Other questions are asked and answered, and in the process the Champoins learn that at least on this world, Dragons are merely dangerous beasts. That instead of being "people" as other Freds and Astras now call some dragons friends (and family).

After a time of companionable silence, Chelene then smiles and bids them farewell, for she must now get back to the Court again. She feels no need to stay now, for now with what she learned of her new human friends....amazing!

She disappears, and then the Champions turn to each other.

  1. "Well, what say we....Immortals finish off the dragon?" Annafrid smiles along with the others, "Even if my Fred part might not be real....I do know that it is still a menace."

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