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The Never Ending Quest - Episode 13211

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With the evil dragon Minestus now dead and his lair destroyed, Fred had in his furry hands the way back to humanity (the Crystallics that had come along with the analogs), but he now embraced his new manimal nature and decided that his future lay not in the past but in the present. Also ,the very powerful but subtle nature of the Manimal heart (i.e. that many mind but one heart thing) played an important factor here also. He then turned his attention to the situation of the other-dimensional analogs. To make matters a little less confusing, the analogs were given numerical designations or their names were appended with brief descriptions. Fred's Terra, the Terra to which the analogs were transported to, was designated Terra-Prime. Fred (for obvious reasons) was nicknamed MANFOX FRED. His wife was SHEFOX ALICIA, but officially they remained Frederigo and Alicia D'Honaire.. Terra-Prime's Synizn was now MANBEAR SYNIZN. And the Princess from Aqualaria was now Queen Astra LaPost (but remained named Astra for casual conversation). From Terra-1 came FRED1 and ASTRA1 (both of whom had previously become demifoxes - and Astra was pregnant). From Terra-2 came FRED2 and ASTRA2 (both of whom had previously become demifoxes - and Astra was pregnant). Also from Terra-2 had come WEREBEAR SYNIZN, a then lycanthropic analog of ManBear Synizn (who eventually was cured anc regained his dragon form again).. From Terra-3 came FRED3 and ASTRA3 (both very human), their seven baby children, DEMIFOX SYNIZN and DRAGON SIGIN. There was also an analog of Duke Drederigo (Duke Drederick), except that this DREDERICK was not an evil villain. It wasn't clear, but they surmised that he came from either Terra-1 or Terra-2. It would not be until much, much later that they would learn that Dred's home dimension was in fact Terra-2. In the meantime though, the two twin Freds from Terras 1 and 2 both considered him their true father.

Using the Crystallics these analogs had brought with them, the two demifox Fred and Astra couples were returned to their human state. But as the Astras were both pregnant, their metabolisms were by necessity speeded up and they both gave birth to septuplets (seven babies a piece). And Natthias was cured of his lycanthropy as well. WereBear Synizn was restored to his true dragon form and changed his name to DRAGON SYNIZN. ManBear Synizn and Demifox Synizn opted to remain in their non-dragon forms. They preferred their new natures.

But the analogs were still faced with the fact that, even if there was a way to get back home, they could not leave since they were now infected with the Phage. To do so would spread the disease. Therefore, they needed to find a cure to the Phage before they could consider returning to their proper dimensions.

ManFox Fred now turned his attention toward rebuilding his devastated world. He convinced all the analogs that until they could return home they could be of great service helping restore order to his world. They agreed. The dragons and former dragons decided to form a new Dragon Circle. Regent Malachi was the head of the Circle. Regent Malachi then called to order a full meeting of the Dragon Circle, the Manimals and the analogs, and they discussed the current state of affairs.

Firstly, there was the question of the Atlantean slipgate system. The slipgates had been damaged in the nuclear attack and were malfunctioning. If they broke down any further it would ultimately cause the destruction of the entire world. Symptoms of such a breakdown would include changes in gravity and random interdimensional translocations from other Terras into this Terra. Everyone needed to be alert to any events which might warn of such a breakdown.

Secondly, there was the matter of the Phage. Somewhere out in the world there must be a clue to defeating the disease, they simply had to go look for it. Probe then offered the medical and scientific aid of the Alliance in their search for a cure. In exchange for mining rights, the Alliance would lend their aid and expertise and also build a protective dome around the slowly deteriorating sunken city of Atlantis. The only hope of unlocking the many secrets of the Crystallics and of the slipgate system lay somewhere in that city. The offer was accepted. Probe then contacted the Alliance Armada which had secretly returned to Terra-Prime. Probe debriefed Capt.STANDERN STERNDECK on all the current events. It was apparent that only a combination of magic and science would be able to deliver a cure for the Phage. But when a cure was found, the Alliance promised that it would lend their aid in returning the analogs to their proper dimensions. Probe then discovered that one of his AI units (Inquirer) had been reassigned to the Phantom Division. The Phantoms were the Alliance's intelligence arm, but Probe did not trust them or their tactics. His feelings of mistrust would later tragically be proven accurate.

Lastly, there was concern about those who had survived the recent global calamities. Regent Malachi of Ethiopia, Queen Astra of Aqualaria and ManFox Fred, Leader of the Pack, all agreed that order needed to be restored, outlaws dealt with and the surviving peoples given aid and assistance. It was therefore decided that -

(I) Fred1, Fred2, Astra2 and Drederick would go to Walants. The city had become a refuge for many of the region's desperate survivors. They would represent Queen Astra and the nation of Aqualaria. A force of Aqualarian troops would accompany them.
(II) Fred3, Astra3, their children, DemiFox Synizn, Sigin and Probe would travel to the Calamari Desert in search of the scientist/mage Dr.Vincent Priceless. If he was still alive, they would ask for his help in finding a cure for the Phage.
(III) Astra1 would go to the Isle of Normady (an outpost of Aqualaria) as an ambassador for the Manimals. They needed to make contact with all of the surviving enclaves of humanity and they needed a diplomat with a human face.
(IV) ManFox Fred and SheFox Alicia would stay in Panaras. The manimals had become a new race and a new nation and Fred and Alicia were the manimal's leaders.
(V) Astra and Will would return to Aqualaria as its sovereigns. Of the human kingdoms which had survived both the Alliance/Lizard War and the Phage, Aqualaria was the strongest and most intact. Astra and Will would strive to use the amazon kingdom's resources to keep humanity from going extinct.

Meeting adjourned, they all went their separate ways.

On their way to the Calamari, the mages used their three Crystallics to heal some of the damage done to the planet. The spell was somehow amplified though, the sky flashed a brilliant turquoise and the ozone layer was instantly restored. The mages immediately contacted Regent Malachi; their suspicion was that there were additional Crystallics somewhere on Terra-Prime, which meant there were also more analogs. And this was exactly what had happened. A group of analogs from Terra-4 (CARRADENE(2), SIGIN VULPINE and ROSEPAW) and from Terra-5 (DRAGON FRED and MALACHI D'HONAIRE) had arrived on Terra-Prime and each possessed a Crystallic.

The flash in the sky had been seen all across the world, so all of the different groups immediately used their magical devices to call in from wherever they were and Malachi convened another meeting. She revealed to them that an analog from Terra-5 had been found, a manwolf named RAFAEL. He was a counterpart of Carradene's long dead son. With Rafael had also arrived an entire duplicate Manimal Pack which was now roaming the world somewhere. Regent Malachi was unaware of the other group from Terra-5 or the group from Terra-4. But what was obviously clear was that the slipgate system was heading toward a complete meltdown and a way to shut it down safely was desperately needed.

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