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The Never Ending Quest - Episode 13210

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File Name: Terra-Prime
Sub-folder: Frederigo D'Honaire slash Overview
AKA passcode: Confusion on Infinite Terras
Format: Narrative [ Informal ] =Colloquial=

In was in the year 1501 that LORD FREDERIGO D'HONAIRE, knight of Allaria the Great Kingdom, was sent by KING EMRY EXULTAINE to kill MINESTUS, the Dragon of the Southern Caves. During his quest he metASTRA, warrior-princess of Aqualaria, who had been captured by theDragon. But before he could save her the Dragon teleported him to the Island of the DragonMOREAU. When he arrived there he discovered that he had been transformed into a manfox, one of many different kinds of anthropomorphic manimals. Hundreds ofmanimals lived on this island. Fred met ALICIA, a shefox, and LOAM, amanwolf. The manimals were split up into two groups; the Pack and the Forsaken. The Pack retained their humanity and were led by CARRADENE,another manwolf. But the Forsaken were completely insane; vicious half-animals intent only onsavage destruction.

Fred was determined to escape and find a cure for himself as soon as possible. Luckily for Fred,Carradene was secretly in league with a rogue dragoness, MALACHI. With the dragon'shelp the Pack might gain its freedom. Unluckily for Fred, Minestus was in league with an extraterrestrial race of LIZARDS. And just to make things more complicated, the Lizards were at war with an interdimensional human organization called the ALLIANCE. For over 50 years the Alliance and the Lizard Men had been at war. But the war could not be fought without the mineral tiberium. And Fred's world just happened to have the largest deposit of tiberium ever discovered. In fact, whichever side won control of the planet could very well win the war once and for all. In a punitive strike against a key figure (as they saw it) Alliance attacked Moreau's island. Moreau was killed and this allowed the Pack to escape their island prison. As for the punitive strike, it was made because Minestus wished to exterminate the human race to make room for his new masterpiece in evolutionary art: the Manimals. It was also to keep the Alliance off Terra, but Minestus had been assured by his new found friends, the LIZARDS that the Alliance would not be a serious problem since they would be well secure on the planet before long. So he let loose a plague called the Phage (a magically altered strain of LIZARD germ warfare weaponry) which killed 80 percent of the human population. The Phage, of course, had only been designed to kill humans, so non-humans (including Manimals) were well nigh immune.

After their escape, the Pack set up camp in the deserted city of Panaras, located in the coastal jungles of Nom Malbra. The war escalated dramatically after that. Malachi's dragon companion SYNIZN was fatally wounded in an attack by the Alliance. Inorder to save his life she transformed him into a manimal manbear. The attack was part of an Alliance offensive designed to exterminate all of Dragonkind; the Alliance believed that all dragons were in league with the Lizard Men. This was because of a ruse perpetrated by the Lizards so as to divide Alliance effort and resources. Instead of concentrating wholly on them, the Alliance divided themselves between the Lizards and the Dragons. The offensive was successful; almost all of Dragonkind was killed. That was not Minestus' intention. He realized too late that he had been duped by the Lizard Men. The aliens were using Dragonkind as cannon fodder against the Alliance and they hoped that both sides would be destroyed. Their desire was that in the end only the Lizard Men would be left to take control of the planet. But Minestus had a back-up plan: his Phage. The Lizard Men believed it was designed only to kill humans, but Minestus had built into it a dormant gene that, once activated, would kill any Lizard Man infected with it. As the Lizard Men began to die they realized the Dragon's double-cross and in order to keep the planet out of Alliance control and to exact revenge against Minestus they bombed the planet with Hundreds of thermonuclear warheads.

With the Phage now effectively making the planet uninhabitable for both the Lizard Men and the human Alliance, both forces withdrew.

But the planet was not dead or completely lifeless. True, it had suffered planet-wide devastation and the Phage had killed off most of the population, but some parts of the world survived. NomMalbra was one of them. After the bombing the Pack established itself in Panaras. Synizn joinedtheir ranks. No one knew that he was an agent of Malachi or that he was once a dragon. Malachi felt that the manimals held great importance for the future of this post-apocalyptic world and she wanted a spy who could keep her abreast of their progress. Fred meanwhile resolved to travel back to the Southern Caves. Everyone assumed that Minestus was dead, a victim of the other-worldly war that had so recently visited their planet. But Fred hoped to find some clue to regaining his humanity in Minestus' lair. Also, he had another mission as well. In Panaras he had been reunited with his cousin WILLIAN LaPOST. Fred was shocked by Will's revelation that Fred's own father,DUKE Drederigo, had contrived to have him given a false map of the Southern Caves. This was so that Fred would face the Dragon Mage Minestus instead of the less powerful kind of dragon he had been trained to battle against. This was tantamount to a death sentence. When Will discovered this he had gone after Fred to warn him, but failed to find him. He did find Astra however and he rescued her. The two then traveled to Aqualaria and were soon to be married. When the Phage broke out Drederigo led an army into the weakened Amazon nation and conquered it. Will and Astra fled and found an ancient Atlantean slipgate. Through chance it transported them to Panaras.

Fred now decided to use this slipgate system to reach Aqualaria and confront his villainous father. And then he would search for Minestus' magical library for a cure to his anthropomorphic condition. By this time, Fred and Alicia had married as well. And so the two couples, Fred and AliciaD'Honaire and Will and Astra LaPost, along with a handful of others including the mage Synizn, stepped into the magical portal and left Panaras behind. But the slipgate sent them instead to theArabi Desert and the land of Alicia's birth, fabled Ethiopia. Alicia'sfather, NATTHIAS, had been king but now the royal family was dead. Malachi the dragon was ruling what was left of the desert nation as its Regent. Alicia resigned her royal authority and continued with Fred on their journey to Aqualaria. Along the way they braved a radioactive wasteland and fought mutated monsters. And then they were attacked by a savage were-jackal. The were-jackal turned out to be Natthias who was now completely insane. Willian was mortally wounded in the attack and only had weeks to live if he did not get medical help.

Traveling by boat, the grim group then reached the ancient Atlantean-built Suez Channel. The Channel was the quickest route to Aqualaria. But it was also a transdimensional transport node. Unknown to Fred, Clay Golems still manned it and if Fred sailed into it the golems would send him and his friends sideways through time and space. Before that happened though, they were visited by an Alliance robot-soldier (aka avatar unit). Although the Alliance had retreated from attempting to mine Fred's world, they had left behind 12 satellite ships to monitor the planet. Each satellite was controlled by an Artificial Intelligence unit (AI). These AI's had incredible multi-tasking capabilities and so while still tending to its global monitoring duties, the senior AI unit, PROBE, had activated an avatar and had been traveling across the world on a sightseeing tour.

In his travels Probe had discovered Natthias wandering aimlessly in the desert and had rescued him. Having discovered that he was a lycanthrope, which Probe simply considered as a medical condition he approached Fred's ship to request medical assistance for the man. Probe had also discovered the existence of the clay golems and the transdimensional transporter. Since the Atlanteans had long since disappeared, Probe recruited the clay golems to work for the Alliance. He assigned the AI SEEKER to oversee their activities and stopped them from activating the transporter.

Alicia now realized that the mad were-jackal was her father. Synizn cured him of his insanity using dragon magic. Then, in order to save Will, Probe ordered the AI INQUIRER to fly them all via shuttle craft to Walants. There was a demifox community there and only if Will became a demifox and thus gained their magical healing ability would he survive his mortal injuries. Once there, Astra chose to become a demifox as well. Since Walants happened to be on the border of Aqualaria, Fred prepared for the attack against his evil father. Probe volunteered to help him. Natthias stayed behind to serve the Phage survivors that had gathered in Walants. Drederigo's stronghold was overcome but Drederigo escaped. Fred and his friends chased after him all the way back to Minestus'lair in the Southern Caves. They discovered that not only had Drederigo secretly been in league with the dragon all along, but that the dragon was still alive. Minestus then took Drederigo with him through a magic mirror to Atlantis; the dragon needed to find a magical weapon that would make him master of the world.

The dragon was after the Crystallic. Only one such magical gem was ever made and it had been destroyed, so Minestus planned on stealing one from a parallel reality. He killed Drederigo as part of the incantation to open a window to Other Space. But then Fred arrived and distracted him. Probe detonated a nuclear hand grenade back in the Southern Caves which destroyed Minestus' dragonhoard. This effectively killed the dragon. The window to OtherSpace closed, but Fred discovered that three parallel realities had been randomly accessed and that counterparts or analogs of people from Fred's reality had been pulled in from these other dimensions. As the ocean flooded in to the underwater Atlantean city everyone, including the analogs, was magically transported back to Panaras.

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