The Never Ending Quest - Episode 13205

If the dagger hadn't finished him off, the spell bolt that creates a smoking hole in his chest sure would have!!

A figure looks on and nods, just out of phase enough with the other's reality to not be noticeable.

"I must say," the other black cloaked figure says, "The few other times when something like this happened....it was under another Office. But I rather doubt that, once you and I explain the situation....."

He and his Counterparts had garnered aid in various manners. Some through the result of Challenges (of which some of the Aids were put under powerful Geases to keep their evil natures from harming others). Some were gained by being offered the chance (that was the most agreeable in his opinion). Some gain it through the rare Gift. And then there was this way.....

The revelaton that one elf named Rayek had been revived (and stored for future "fun" at the hands of Demons) had gained much Compensation....but.....

"But surely there is a better way than this!" Agent 179 says, abashed, "There are better ways to break the news....ease them into......"

"That's not how I do business," the Angel of Death says firmly, "Not how I do business at all.

"Only other way to handle this is by my usual way...and we already know I've been told.....'hands off'" Death says with a trace of irony, "Not that I mind. It's never personal.....just business. And as a good boy, I follow Dictates....unlike some Infernal....now departed Demons......"

Agent 179, Rule 179's chaos counterpart sighs. Other Angels were more....er....caring and kind. But as it was, Death was.....Death and he (sometimes she) never was one for something like that, alas. Besides, Death was a busy person, and the sooner his (sometimes her) part was done....the better in his book.

"Let's get on with it then," Agent 179, a personification of Chaos....and Entropy in a manner of speaking, sighs.

The Dimensional Shambler, a creation of Chaos (and thus the purview of an Agent) is directed to sweep in and gather the woman who's lives....should have ended long ago when it had been created by the unlucky encounter between a Staff and a Ring in Charmina's world. The Shambler had gone to various worlds and swept up various victims. Some had lived (albeit stranded in an alien place....and time). These three....had been Scheduled for drop off in environments that wasn't conducive to carbon based life....

Last task done, it dissipated into nothingness....

Astra and comes awake instantly, gasping and reaching for her sword....only to stop before she can cause damage to anyone.

"You....tried to help me," she says simply, grateful beyond words to the two woman in front of her.

Agent 179 had made sure that a basic background of who each one of the ladies were introduced into each and every mind (better to let them get to know each other).

A sudden chill enters the air as the Angel of Death appears, along with another odd figure.

  1. "We....our time is at an end?" Angela asks, aghast.

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