But who are they?

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 13185

He doesn't notice that two mysterious (and beautiful) woman have arrived nearby....

"Now to just add a few inconspicious but powerful control sigils to make sure you don't balk at your assigned task and....urk!" the mage in the dark hooded robe says as Charmina the Cunning sneaks up with innate stealth and stabs the mage fatally in the back with a dagger she always had hidden on her person.

Charmina the Cunning had a rather....er....interesting past. Before, as a young child of six, she'd fallen deathly ill in a town known for illicit trade and her father, doing what he felt was the only means left to him (the medicines being so hideously expensive) had attempted to break into a shop for the life saving medicine. He'd been caught, tried, and executed the same day. Her father had been able to sway the solicitor who'd represented him to care for her after he....left. Rift actually had been a good man, and indeed Charmina (at the time calling herself Gloria) could very well have fallen in love with this caring solicitor as a new father....but fate seemed to have different plans. Enemies of his, enemies he made when he refused to join a secretive society within the fell city, had one night murdered him and some wounded dwarf that Charmina had never gotten the name of before it became impossible to find out. Charmina had watched in horror stricken silence from the spot she'd hidden herself during a game of seek and hide with Rift. The memory haunted her to this day. Though she knew within her heart that a mere seven year old slip of a girl could never have seriously stopped the assassins, she still felt guilt for having frozen. So, later after growing up some more, shed set off on a crusade. A crusade to fight and thraught the very vile one's who'd made her life so miserable. Having learned at a very early age that cunning was the way for survival, Gloria had always chosen her fights and targets with much care. She'd even assumed a "cover" identity as a common barmaid to better through off suspicion at her true nature: an avenger and upholding justice and such.

Not quiet as bad as say Bruce Wayne as from the comic book story, Batman, but powerful none the less for her.

Angela's story is simpler only for the reason that she is by far the youngest of the three woman present (in reality she had been part of the wish by her reality's Fred.....a man who was something of a simpleton in some people's opinion). Fred had wished for the classic combination of a beautiful woman and beer. Not framing the wish very well, the wish created (literally created) a human woman who sees her role....her entire existence.....as that as aiding others in one shape or form or another. In "her" Fred's case, it would have been (and had been) a heroic effort to help him (because boys and girls, that guy needed help...and maybe a clue or three)! Getting drunk within a dangerous cavern with a live dragon about isn't conducive to a long and healthy life! Thus she sees the situation before her as in need of her assistance in as far as the red haired sleeping woman is concerned. The dark hooded man leaning over the sleeper is not in need of her aid. Rather, much to her surprise, Angela finds a glowing spell bolt in her left hand, ready to fly! She's surprised that as a "protector" that she's taking a hostile action against another. She's also surprised that she knows magic!

Though what the dark mage is saying is pure babble for the young girl, she never the less knew that something was very wrong. See, there are very few realities where fondling an unconscious woman (even though the other hand is doing something with a glowing ring in on the unconscious one's temple) is a good thing....

  1. If the dagger hadn't finished him off, the spell bolt that creates a smoking hole in his chest sure would have!!
  2. The mysterious mage teleports out just in time.

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