The Way of a Dimensional Shambler...

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 12821

"For the good of all worlds, I'll help," the nauseous stranger said,"but there is only one way to wake you from such a deep darkness, and that's with.....the back of my hand!"

As hand meets the cheek of our brave hero (er....heroine), the magical Ring of Ziathe, the long time rival and foil to the Staff of Fyrus flares and the barmaid vanishes in a flash of light and a crack of thunder.

The Demon that had possessed the young and ambitious mage chuckles and leaves, leaving the young man aghast at the smoking spot that had been. He'd possess the young handsome fool after the Demon had found a fault in the Summoning Circle. Instead of killing the young man outright, the Demon (a young turk recently promoted from the lower ranks due to the rather abrupt....vacancy at the upper levels of authority for the Office of Evil) had instead possessed the young man after noting one ring in the man's possession. Scuttlebutt had been that some move by the Angels in using the a proxy under the control of the Staff of Fyrus to clean up Varga, a den of despair and inequity.

Thanking his luck, the Demon had sensed the proxy taking on the form of a barmaid (mimicing a barmaid hundreds of miles of) and set out to finish the proxy before it could even begin.

The Staff, not noticing the danger present to it's tool, had decided to play a little bit in curiosity (it had so few chances to actually explore the realm of feminity)....had taken control to explore. It was now dismayed to find itself again alone within the Red Chest in the Southern Caverns.

A Dimensional Shambler had been formed by the interaction between ring and staff, and now.....all Havoc was breaking loose.

The noble spirit of Fred is cast out of the body, and the mystical link between the mimicker and mimicked sucks the unsuspecting soul of the REAL Charmina the Cunning into the still enhanced body (still complete with warrior reflexes and the remnants of the previous owner's memories).

As the Demon leaves, it congratulates itself on a masterful acting job (appearing to be helpful while hiding it's intentions).

The Shambler, per it's chaotic nature, then swoops over to another nearby timeline where another Frederigo made a wish for something rather......beautiful along with something else rather petty (re: 532, 534, 3633, 3949, 12361, 12393). Angela gasps and faints as the Shambler sweeps her up, right as a Dragon Minion is rounding the corner...and notes the unconscious knight on the ground. A smile on his face, the minion unsheathes his sword and severs Fred's head from body.

"You'll score me much favor, young dragon slayer." the man says to the dead body he'd recognized from spy accounts.

  1. Shambler still nearby, both woman find themselves awakening in a forest and see a strange man leaning over a flame haired woman....with a glowing ring on her temple......

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