Garlic toast with that?

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 12192

As the key slid into the prison door, the old man's yelp scared Fred half to death. Turning around, he saw a large bowl of salad--with bacon bits-- on the ground where the old man had been sitting. For a good minute he stared at the bowl uncomprehendingly. As odd as some of the things that had happened to Fred had been, nothing in his life that he could recall had given him any preparation for what to do when confronted with a person who suddenly decided to become a tasty vegetable dish.

But the longer Fred stared at the salad, the longer it continued to behave like a perfectly normal salad. Fred realized he hadn't eaten since episode 424, but then again things didn't go too well that time.

  1. Fred eats the salad.
  2. No he doesn't.
  3. Fred opens the door (remember the door?)
  4. Fred does something else.

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8/22/2000 10:59:33 AM

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