Damn Dwarves!

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 10938

Annafrid strode confidently through the caves, knowing exactly where she was headed. She felt nearly invincible as she made her way through the twisting maze, however that would soon change.

As she turned a corner, Annafrid stumbled onto a band of cave dwarves, all armed with axes and swords.

A dwarf with a red, braided beard confronted her first. "Who are you, trespassing in Dwarf territory!?"

Annafrid was about to cast a spell when she realized...

  1. Dwarves are immune to the effects of magic!
  2. That she was actually Fred. He hadn't been sent on a quest by the king. He was a peasant who had just ate some bad mushrooms, the whole thing was a dream.

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7/8/2000 11:54:05 AM

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