Annafrid Heads South

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 10733

It was logical that the dragon's lair should lie to the south, Annafrid reflected. To the people of Allaria, these were the Southern Caves. She had originally entered the system close to its northern edge, and though she had penetrated a fair distance she had not yet reached its heart, where the dragon's lair was to be found.

Annafrid headed confidently southward, knowing that there could be nothing between her and the dragon sufficiently powerful to pose a real threat.

  1. After a couple of hours, she arrived at the dragon's lair.
  2. It doesn't do to be over-confident.

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JH (who, given our heroine's new name and her attire, is trying hard not to think of Abba)

7/5/2000 1:06:54 PM

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