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The Never Ending Quest - Episode 109190

So it was that a naked old man stumbled into a village nine miles off the coast and thirty miles away from where he had had the misfortune of catching Melody. There were children playing in the village, and they quickly fled in fear at the sight of the stranger, but when they brought back their parents Fred was quickly taken in to a warm inn, given an old tunic to wear, and fed a proper meal. He accepted all this with vague words of gratitude and a plethora of confused remarks. They couldn't get his story out of him, but they could tell he was bewildered even by the simplest of things, and as a result were even gentler with him.

So it was for many moons. They knew his name was Fred and he often claimed to be, and clearly believed he was, a young Allarian knight on a quest to slay the dragon--but they knew this was impossible, or at least part of it was, as the dragon had not begun to terrorize Allaria until only a few years before. Still, he would tell tales of his adventures--largely incoherent, missing important details, and with elements that made no sense, but he was entertaining and friendly, and could always find listeners. The innkeeper gave him a small room and kept him safe and fed at no charge. He was a kind man, and Fred didn't require much.

  1. Several years later, a passing knight stirred a dusty old memory in Melody of that Fred fellow she'd turned into an old man. Out of curiosity, she took human form, as mermaids could temporarily do, and came to check up on him.
  2. Fred's eightieth birthday was approaching (not that anyone knew, even him) when a magic user visited the village.
  3. Having lived a not so long but peaceful life, Fred finally passed away at the old age of eighty-eight.

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