Skipping Ahead to the Final Boss Fight

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 108079

Fred tenses, his serpentine body coiling somewhat like a spring. Is it his imagination, or is the larger dragon surprised to see him? He quickly readies his lightning attack - only one chance to get this right.


Fred feels desperation welling up inside him - flecks of dragon snot won't do much to stop an evil red dragon in her tracks! She does seem confused now, Fred thinks, as he readies a second attempt. Maybe he's bought himself just enough time...


A small arc of static electricity jumps between Fred's left nostril and his upper lip. Damnation! The red dragon, clearly not impressed by Fred's showing so far, takes a deep breath as she prepares to roast Fred with dragonfire.

Fred keeps trying, hoping that his hide is at least somewhat fireproof...


Fred finally manages to fire his lightning, and the red dragon staggers back a step. The electric shock has darkened some of her chest scales, but she looks like she's quickly recovering from the jolt. Before he has a chance to think, Fred leaps at the other dragon's neck, releasing the energy from his coiled body and pumping his wings once to put more power into his jump. His injured wing will be protesting this maneuver later, but in this instant the pain is overridden by the adrenaline surge.

Fred slams into his rival and manages to clamp his teeth down on the red dragon's neck near the shoulder. With a quick twist of his body (of the sort that would've been murder on his spine back when he was still human) he manages to wrap his tail around the first thing it finds, which is luckily her snout.

By the Nemean Lion, Fred thinks to himself in a moment of elation that follows his attack. Where did that come from? I didn't know I had that in me!

  1. Much to everyone's surprise, the red dragon submits
  2. The red dragon has no shortage of tricks, and Fred quickly finds himself disadvantaged again
  3. The red dragon finds Fred's attack more amusing than threatening
  4. The red dragon is less than impressed. What follows is short, bloody and littered with Fred's internals becoming externals. Best to fade to black.

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