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The Never Ending Quest - Episode 106

Sir Toby went down the tunnel that seemed to have a trail of water. It did get darker as he went through. Suddenly, a bright slash of white paint made him pause. He heard splashing, smelt rubber and salt water, saw shapes whipping by. And...more bright paint on a sign to the right. He looked closer. In tall words it said: "Grab a tube from below and hop into the river just past the white line! It's inner tubing time, man, and the goal is fun!"
Just then, a bunch of laughing kids roared by. Sir Toby realized the water was fast.
He reached forward and felt one sturdy tube resting against the wall.

What does Sir Toby do now?

  1. Sir Toby becomes a boring old sod and turns around to find the dragon.
  2. Sir Toby places the tube under his butt, makes sure none of his weapons would pop it and flings himself into the river. He slams into the water, spins, then the current takes him away!
  3. Don't click here

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9/26/1999 11:15:06 PM

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