A Chilling Experience

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 10584

Fred dashes straight at the wallhugger. While fighting any monster is a serious endeavor, the spidery wallhugger appears to be less threatening than the wild boar that he hunts with the King for sport back in the Kingdom. "Just keep away from the teeth and I should be able to run this creature through with his sword," he reasons. He aims to swing his sword at what appears to be the wallhugger's neck, and prepares to thrust his sword with all his might at the vulnerable spot.

Fred's attention is drawn to the ruby-red eyes of the wallhugger. He suddenly feels an incredible lightness in his stomach, as if he had just consumed a tankard of pure grain alcohol, but without the headaches. He is also starting to shiver. His hand is shaking of its own accord; he can not steady it. Fred tries to break eye contact, but cannot do it. He hears his companion shout, "Don't look in his eyes!" The well-meant reminder has come too late. The wallhugger's mouth opens to bite Fred on the sword arm. Suprisingly, there is no pain. In fact, it feels as if his arm is not there, although he can see it.

The wallhugger turns toward the right and looks at Fred's companion, rushing to attack. Her aim is good. There is a flash of a spear, which almost hits the wallhugger's neck, but instead lodges deep in the joint connecting one of its legs to its body. The wallhugger barks in pain, but Fred's hope is short-lived as he sees his companion drop as if she were a stone, out of the sky. The wallhugger trots over with its good legs to bite the motionless body of his companion.

Fred tries to gather his sword, but he starts to feel as if he is going into a sleep, and he cannot force his legs to walk. Fred collapses as he loses all control over his body. He and his companion are both helpless and paralyzed, preserved as meals for the wallhugger.

  1. Fred is eaten by the wallhugger.

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10/27/2002 7:44:29 PM

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