Sigmund Freud's Impersonation of Albert Einstein in America

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 100879

Scott, Josh and Mitchell solve their problem by channelling their primate ancestors, so they drop trou, crap in their hands, and throw it at the doctor and the security guards backing him up.

There's a lot of screaming and vague threats issued from the doctor about legal action.

  1. This is officially the worst NEQ episode ever written.
  2. And there's no way we can top this, so we send you back to the start.
  3. Or you can go here to find out where things went wrong so you can pick a different path.
  4. Nurses run in with needles and sedatives.
  5. A very easily annoyed psychiatrist rushes in to stop the mess.
  6. The doctor and security guards decide to fight fire with fire.

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Ben McClellan

6/26/2013 6:36:11 PM

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