Noises for the Leg

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 29096

After rolling down a few flights of stairs, Josh finally sticks his arms out and grabs a railing in desperation. Josh's momentum is stopped, but not after his body jerks violently, and pain rips up and down his body, exploding through his arms the worst.

But at least he was now back in control.

And Josh peeks beneath him. Good grief! He had never been down this far, and there were broken stairs just below him. If Josh had fallen down the pit, there was no telling where he would end up...or if he would ever be seen again. And there was a fifteen foot gap between this landing and the next one. There was no way in hell he could even jump that far.

  1. Josh sits and cries from the pain.
  2. Josh goes back to the staircase room, unwilling to contemplate the pit.
  3. The railing breaks off, sending Josh into the abyss below.
  4. Josh stands up and says the hell with it. Then he makes the leap.
  5. Josh stands up and gets drenched by buckets of water thrown at him from offstage.

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9/27/2003 12:25:36 PM

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