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From: David Nicol (
Date: Fri Feb 04 2005 - 17:57:55 PST

Bravo!   (clap, clap, clap)

On Fri,  4 Feb 2005 21:37:03 +0100 (CET), Aron Wall <> wrote:
> Rule 232:2:
> --------------------------------
> WHEREAS we are all Enjoined by Noble Destiny to all continue to Confuse
> the Judge, allow for the possibility of Delicious Paradoxes, and even
> Prevent the Proliferation of Infantile Rules which barely cause anyone
> to think, and Especially Considering my Dignity as the President of the
> United States Elect, and after consulting numerous Lawyers for their
> Scholarly and Well Informed Opinions, I Strongly and Wholeheartedly
> suggest (and Mandate) the following Restriction:
> That no Rule shall be Valid if it is Obviously Valid, unless it is the
> first Rule of the Round, in Which Case it shall be
> Grandfatherclausedified.
> That Furthermore in Light of the Esteemed Intellegence and Wisdom and
> Flattery-Resistance of the Judge, that no Particular Cause of a Rule
> being Unobviously Valid shall be Acceptable by itself as a Means of
> Unobvious Validity, Seeing as the Judge is Hereby Supposed (with penalty
> of Death to any Impudent Person who Explicitly says Otherwise, in Which
> State of Death no one may Post any Valid Rules until the General
> Resurrection at the End Of Time following Various Apocolyptic Happenings
> which no Mortal knows the Times nor Dates thereof) to be Most Capable
> through Experience of Finding any Old Cause of Unobvious Validity to be
> instead Obvious, so that the same needs be either Avoided or else
> Combined with some New Cause of Unobviousness of Validity.
> -----------------------------------
> Aron Wall

David L Nicol
Communication is neither obvious nor inscrutable.

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