From: Aron Wall (aron_at_wall.org)
Date: Fri Feb 04 2005 - 12:37:03 PST

Rule 232:2:
WHEREAS we are all Enjoined by Noble Destiny to all continue to Confuse
the Judge, allow for the possibility of Delicious Paradoxes, and even
Prevent the Proliferation of Infantile Rules which barely cause anyone
to think, and Especially Considering my Dignity as the President of the
United States Elect, and after consulting numerous Lawyers for their
Scholarly and Well Informed Opinions, I Strongly and Wholeheartedly
suggest (and Mandate) the following Restriction:

That no Rule shall be Valid if it is Obviously Valid, unless it is the
first Rule of the Round, in Which Case it shall be

That Furthermore in Light of the Esteemed Intellegence and Wisdom and
Flattery-Resistance of the Judge, that no Particular Cause of a Rule
being Unobviously Valid shall be Acceptable by itself as a Means of
Unobvious Validity, Seeing as the Judge is Hereby Supposed (with penalty
of Death to any Impudent Person who Explicitly says Otherwise, in Which
State of Death no one may Post any Valid Rules until the General
Resurrection at the End Of Time following Various Apocolyptic Happenings
which no Mortal knows the Times nor Dates thereof) to be Most Capable
through Experience of Finding any Old Cause of Unobvious Validity to be
instead Obvious, so that the same needs be either Avoided or else
Combined with some New Cause of Unobviousness of Validity.
Aron Wall

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