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From: Ed Murphy (emurphy42_at_socal.rr.com)
Date: Tue Mar 30 2004 - 23:48:21 PST

On Mon, 2004-03-29 at 15:26, jcm3_at_cec.wustl.edu wrote:

> <Begin transcription of mission debriefing>
> For the record, my name Gary, a CIA double agent.
> I've researched our existing records on KAOS, (which, ironically, stands
> for [deleted for security reasons],) and discovered that they are located
> in an underwater base off the coast of [deleted for security reasons]. 
> Our classified plans would probably be very useful to their underwater
> endeavors.
> Fortunately, they always [deleted for security reasons], so it should be
> possible, albeit tricky, to capture one of them.
> If KAOS has indeed infiltrated our mailing list, they may be able to
> detect patterns in our automated censoring system.  Therefore, I recommend
> that if a future post refers to censored information in a previous post,
> it should reveal a piece of information to suggest what it might be,
> without actually naming what it is.  For example, I revealed something
> about our stolen plans.  This way we can find out what we are talking
> about without letting KAOS know.
> <End transcription>

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