Re: Round 222 is go!

From: david (
Date: Mon Mar 29 2004 - 19:53:06 PST

Earlier I sent this from an address which apparently has been
deleted for security reasons.  Arnt?

Ed Murphy wrote:
> Round 222 begins NOW.  The theme is [deleted for security reasons].

Twenty years ago this season I was living in a hotel in [XXXXXX], in
Soviet [XXXXXXX]. I remember being paranoid from too much American
cold war propaganda and tearing out the fire alarm because I figured
it was a listening device.  I have been daydreaming that now is the
time to start a retroactive blog about that spring, on the round
decade.  This frc play is the first action done with the impulse,
as if an frc play even deserves to be called an "action."  I had a
typical American teenager's load of transgressive music with me,
including a copy of [XXXXX XXXXX XXX XXXXXXX XXXXXXXXX] by the [XXXX
XXXXXXXXX] which my soviet friends enjoyed, especially the bits about
president [XXXXXX XXXXXX] killing the [XXXX]. "All systems go, let's
[XXXX XXX XXXX] to-ni-i-i-ight."  I guess it was an ironic answer to
"eat the [XXXX]."

So even if the world is not a war between the [XXXX] and the [XXXX]
is sure seems like it is some times.

Your mission, agent FRC, should you choose to accept it, is to shed some
light on the debate of whether or not there is an ongoing war betwen the
[XXXX] and the [XXXX] or if it just seems that way.  Should you choose
not to accept it, I imagine you will have no trouble determining some
other, equally interesting mission for yourself.

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