Re: what the unexpected consequence in 221:e was supposed to

From: david (
Date: Fri Feb 06 2004 - 10:31:19 PST

Richard S. Holmes wrote:
> I will interpret the paragraph beginning
> "Here's a proposal" as an Override Proposal (#221.1), voting on which
> is now open; until and unless it passes, the proposed clarification of
> the R.O.s shall have no effect. 

Well there's an unexpected consequence for you. I guess I'd better
read the current regular ordinances. Is
still current?  RO#9 describes "overrule" proposals, but not override
proposals; that can't be materail.

> Style: Overly long, and confusing with its combination of Rule and
> Proposal.  No new restriction.  But... David, is this your first
> round?  If so I hadn't realized, and will apply your new player style
> bonus here: +1.0.

This is my first round since round 16.  I watched FRC until summer 1994
but according to a quick grepping of a wgot copy of sir toby's mirror I
haven't played since round 16.  As I recall the planet zlipsplot sounded
like a nice place to read about but I wouldn't want to make all the
multicellular inhabitants bilateral.  Does that make me a new player?

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