Re: anecdote 221:b VALID, STYLE = -1.5

From: Richard S. Holmes (
Date: Tue Feb 03 2004 - 08:19:20 PST

Joshua <> writes:

>   I completely put off this project at work.  Then finally when other
> people started to realize I was the bottleneck I took over the project
> completely and started calling the shots to cover how late it was. I
> was constantly maneuvering to prevent anyone else on the project from
> reporting to anyone outside the project without going through me. 
> Finally, someone higher up got annoyed at how long the other guys were
> taking and asked me what was wrong with them. I said "It's not their
> fault. We're behind schedule because I wanted it that way".  
>   He replied, "Oh, okay.".  That was it.  No consequences at all - I
> sure didn't expect that. 
>   I figure the moral of this story is: "don't do today what you can put
> off indefinitely." For the rest of this round all valid anecdotes must
> contain a moral. 
> =====
> Everyone knows, when you make an assumption, you make an ass out of u and mption.            -s.l.j in t.l.k.g

Validity: No problems.  Contains unexpected consequences.  Also
contains a moral.  This means the set of "all valid anecdotes" after
(the first) 221:b does indeed contain "a moral", so that restriction
is now satisfied.  (Strictly speaking I suppose the validity of the
first 221:b could not be established until now.)

Style: Looks awfully familiar, doesn't it?  I'm afraid double posting
is just not stylish.  -1.5.

- Rich Holmes
  Parish, NY

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