From: Matthew Cooper (matthew.cooper_at_blueyonder.co.uk)
Date: Sun Nov 23 2003 - 05:47:19 PST

I thought I should just bite the bullet and have a go at last!  Feel free to
tear it apart if it deserves it...!

--- Rule 219:1 ---

1+ Each sentence immediately preceded by a number and a plus sign is
considered to be a single restriction.
2+ Bob is a nanobot.
3+ Each nanobot is capable of performing a single action in each rule.
4+ One definition of an action is the addition of a new restriction.
5+ One definition of an action is the modification of an existing
6+ A tag is text contained within square brackets, consisting of a
property-value pair separated by a colon.
7+ Tags may be added and removed without requiring the action of a nanobot.
8+ The nanobot responsible for performing an action must be identified in a
tag (with the property name 'R') at the end of that action, for the duration
of the rule in which that action took place.
9+ All rules must conform to the restrictions specified in the previous
valid rule, as well as to those it puts in force itself.
10+ Charlotte is a nanobot. [R:Bob]

--- Rule ends ---

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