Issues before the Committee

From: Matthew Schuler (
Date: Wed Jul 30 2003 - 11:54:22 PDT

Round 213
213:1 posted Fri Jul 25 2003 - 19:12:58 PDT
Chris Huston is eligible until Fri Aug 1 2003 - 19:12:58 PDT
All other players are eligible until Fri Aug 1 2003 - 19:12:58 PDT

Round 214
214:1 posted Fri Jul 25 2003 - 19:12:58 PDT
Chris Huston is eligible until Fri Aug 1 2003 - 19:12:58 PDT
All other players are eligible until Fri Aug 1 2003 - 19:12:58 PDT

Temporary Amendment 213/214:A
Posted Sat Jul 26 2003 - 12:16:01 PDT
Currently 3 FOR, 2 AGAINST
Voting to close Sat Aug 2 2003 - 12:16:01 PDT


> Rule 213:1 (Chris Huston)
> The past few rounds have lacked activity, But I have a solution.
> Obviously, the committee members have too much work to do, so we need
> something that will help. The first step is to develop a ROBOT to deal
> with all tedious chores like SPAM, reporting to work everyday, and
> mowing lawns. Future rules will specify various aspects of the ROBOT.
> For instance, the new ROBOT will use thiotimoline for fuel.
Judgement: VALID

Style: +2.0 TOTAL
 +1.5 An attempt to capitalize upon the typo of a virginal Judge.
 +0.5 Appropriate fixation upon ROBOTs.
 -1.0 No attempt to differentiate ROBOTs based upon size; no mention of
 +1.0 Thiotimoline.


> Rule 214:1 (Chris Huston)
Judgement: unknown
Style: unknown


The following is a temporary ammedment to the R.O's, since what it
attempts to accomplish cannot be done by an Overrule Proposal.  As such,
its voting period is 7 days. (Aron Wall)

Duration of Effects:
1) This ammendment shall be considered to have retroactively applied
from the time when Matthew Schuler first announced the theme for round 214.
2) This ammendment shall delete itself and leave the Regular Ordinances
just as they were at the end of round 212, as soon as three things have
ALL happened:
    a) Round 213 has officially ended.
    b) Round 214 has officially ended.
    c) This Ammendment has come into effect.

Main Thrust: That rounds 213 and rounds 214 be played simultaneously.

Fine print (hopefully just clarifying the obvious):
 Both rounds shall be deemed to have started when 214:1 & 213:1 were
posted by Chris Huston.  Rules of one round embedded in rules of the
other round count in both capacities.  R.O. 3 is suspended in the part
where it talks about beginning a round until the part beginning "All
members are eligible...".  Rules, Eligibility, Style, Overrule
Proposals, and End of Game are reckoned for each round separately.  The
Judge and Wizard of Round 214 is determined from Round 213, and hence
cannot be known with certainty until Round 213 ends.  Nevertheless, they
were the Judge/Wizard of Round 214 from the beginning.  When both round
213 and round 214 end, the Judge/Wizard of Round 215 will be determined
from round 214 in the usual manner.  Thus 5c should read "becomes Judge
for the next round" where it says "becomes Judge".  The Judge/Wizard of
Round 213 are the same individuals who they otherwise would be,
initially both Matthew Schuler.  Each judge is responsible for the
interpretation of what happens with respect to the round they Judge, and
who the Judge and Wizard are for the next round.

A Final Necessary Additional Rule: R.O. 8's Default provision shall not
apply to round 214. Thus players need not Judge all rules in Round 214
while unsure of their Judge status, unless they want to.
-------------END OF AMMENDMENT---------------------------------------

Current Status:
   FOR: Chris Huston, Matthew Schuler, Aron Wall
   AGAINST: Karl Low, Richard Holmes

Matthew Schuler

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