First week results

From: Mary K. Kuhner (
Date: Fri Sep 27 2002 - 19:14:57 PDT

Summary and eligibility:

I will deem the round to have started at 2002-09-20 6:58:54, just
before the posting of the first rule.  All times GMT.

I'd like to see some more rules.  Please don't be frightened of
the 14-digit prime:  I pledge not to penalize a rule for using
a previously-used one (there is no requirement that they be

Player           End of eligibility    Style
Jesse W          2002-09-28 22:03:31   +1
Ed Murphy        2002-09-28 18:56:53   -3
Karl Low         2002-09-28 7:54:56    +1
James Willson    2002-09-28 7:16:34     0
Joshua             ineligible          +1
Others             ineligible           0

Rules summary:

Joshua writes:

>Maybe you've been having fun but I've only been engaging in very
>serious and important comittee work.  I take great offense at the
>honorable committee member's implication that any of us consider our
>work with the comittee mere fun and games.  Furthermore, in my not too
>humble opinion, anyone who does not fail to see the immense relevance
>and urgency  of the weighty matters with which we deal every day can
>only be living in a fantasy world!

>Rancorous comments asside, I feel that the fun-loving Mr. Murphy is the
>kind of person our committee will need as a figurehead in the upcoming
>times of terror. I hereby nominate Ed Murphy to stand for election to
>the role of Comittee Clown.  All future rule writers this round who
>have not been nominated must either vote or nominate someone in their
>valid rules. Nominating or voting for oneself is invalid.

> Rule Date: 2002-09-20 06:58:55 GMT

Style: +1

A solid beginning to the campaign season.

Mary Kuhner (Storm)

James Willson <> writes:

>I hereby vote for Ed Murphy as Comittee Clown.
>This is not without consequence, as for any given elected office, fantasy rule,
>and comittee member, that comittee member holds that office with respect to
>that fantasy rule if and only if that comittee member received no fewer votes
>in prior fantasy rules for that office than any other member.  So, Ed Murphy
>will be the Clown with respect to the next valid fantasy rule.
>Any comittee member authoring a rule who holds an office with respect to that
>rule must perform the duties of that office in authoring that rule, else the
>rule is invalid.  For example, the Clown must make a joke.
>Similarly, if a comittee member performs the duties of an office while
>authoring a rule, yet does not hold that office with respect to that rule, then
>that rule is invalid.
>A mouthful, perhaps, but good elections require precision, as Joshua would

>Rule Date: 2002-09-21 07:16:34 GMT

Ruling: Valid
Style: 0

The next-to-last paragraph inspires some doubt in the Judge's mind,
and the rule is also a bit lengthy.

Mary Kuhner (Storm)


Karl Low <> writes:

>I hereby nominate Joshua as The Odd One.
>The Odd One can never post a valid rule that has an even rule number, but has
>two votes for each position, whereas every other FRC member only has one vote.
>Rule Date: 2002-09-21 07:54:56 GMT

Ruling: Valid
Style: +1

I appreciate the ability to cause mischief in only three lines.

Mary Kuhner (Storm)


"Ed Murphy" <> writes:

>I hereby vote for Karl Low as The Odd One.
>All future votes shall be submitted using our special new Dragonfly
>Ballots, as depicted here:
>Those unable to procure a Dragonfly Ballot may continue to submit
>their votes by simple text message, but such messages must contain
>a 14-digit prime number for verification purposes.
>All future nominations will reveal whether the nominee is a member
>of the Red Party, the Green Party, or the Blue Party, and shall also
>reveal a plank of the relevant Party's platform.  Whitewash optional.
>Rule Date: 2002-09-21 18:56:53 GMT

Ruling:  Valid
Style: -3

The Judge is an old-fashioned sort of election official, and does
not have graphical access to the Web from home.  This makes Web-
based rules a serious pain to judge; hence the petulant style

Much as I would like to argue that the Committee Clown has not made
a joke here, I don't think I can.

Mary Kuhner (Storm)


"Jesse W" <> writes:

>-Begin rule-
>I nominate Gallivanting Tripper as Official FRC Travel Corespondent,
>my verification # is: 99999999999971
>and her party affiliation is the Blue Party, whose slogan is "We build
>our platform out of 6" oak planks!"  All future rules must define a
>slogan for their respective party.
>-End rule-
>Rule Date: 2002-09-21 22:03:31 GMT

Ruling: Valid
Style: +1

This comes within a hair of infringing both 193:2 and 193:4
(despite clearly having been aware of the latter).  Does this
role actually reveal a plank?  Maybe.  Barely.

Not a very interesting rule, but it gets +1 for making the
election official's life a little easier.

Mary Kuhner (Storm)

Rule Date: 2002-09-28 02:15:13 GMT

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