193:4 VALID

From: Mary K. Kuhner (mkkuhner_at_eskimo.com)
Date: Sun Sep 22 2002 - 18:00:03 PDT

"Ed Murphy" <emurphy42_at_socal.rr.com> writes:

>I hereby vote for Karl Low as The Odd One.
>All future votes shall be submitted using our special new Dragonfly
>Ballots, as depicted here:
>Those unable to procure a Dragonfly Ballot may continue to submit
>their votes by simple text message, but such messages must contain
>a 14-digit prime number for verification purposes.
>All future nominations will reveal whether the nominee is a member
>of the Red Party, the Green Party, or the Blue Party, and shall also
>reveal a plank of the relevant Party's platform.  Whitewash optional.
>Rule Date: 2002-09-21 18:56:53 GMT

Ruling:  Valid
Style: -3

The Judge is an old-fashioned sort of election official, and does
not have graphical access to the Web from home.  This makes Web-
based rules a serious pain to judge; hence the petulant style

Much as I would like to argue that the Committee Clown has not made
a joke here, I don't think I can.

Mary Kuhner (Storm) mkkuhner_at_eskimo.com

Rule Date: 2002-09-23 01:00:29 GMT

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