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From: Joshua (
Date: Thu Aug 22 2002 - 06:37:41 PDT

--- Ed Murphy <> wrote:
> From: E. Murphy, Chief Cook and Bottle Washer
> To:   All FRC Legal Counsel, Including Myself
> Re:   Request
> As noted by 192:3, R05 reads
>   5. End of Game.  If at any time after the seventh day of a round,
>      there is only one person eligible to play, then
>       (a) all current fantasy rules are repealed
>       (b) the round ends
>       (c) the sole remaining player is declared winner of the just
>   ended round and becomes Judge.
> If the Judge were to resign, and then all players except for the old
> and
> new Judges were to resign from FRC, then 5(c) would trigger with the
> old
> Judge as its target.  However, this plan - like the plan described by
> 192:2 - must happen within the first week, or else the old Judge will
> miss eir chance at first-week automatic eligibility (R03).
> The red tape is getting worse!  Each future rule shall explicitly
> refer
> to at least two Regular Ordinances, and at least two previous rules.
> --
> Ed Murphy <>          "I'm not sure I can go
> through
>      with it.  Leave, I
> mean."
> --
> Rule Date: 2002-08-22 05:41:01 GMT

This is by far the worst proposal I've heard yet.  Its pure
ridiculousness completely turns my stomach.  And yet the spirit in
which it is written indicates the sentiment I had so sincerely hoped to
inspire in all of my little committee members. It is clear by the
treacherous red tape restriction that he intends to make life difficult
for all of my enemies.

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Rule Date: 2002-08-22 13:38:05 GMT

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