From: Aron Wall (aron_at_wall.org)
Date: Sun Sep 30 2001 - 21:58:36 PDT

On the assumption that rule 11 will be reconsidered...
My horse rolls a nine.  I move it from Start to space six, but can
proceed no more because of the blockade.  Yet, I have three points of
momentum left, and thus cannot simply land on space 6, so the situation
entails some sort of Conflict Resolution.  Since I have more Charisma
points than the Klein bottle, I simply order Factitious to step to the
side and let me through.  Factitious's piece is now to the side of space
6 and the blockade is gone (Factitious will have to spend an extra
movement point to re-enter space 6).  But politeness only works as many
times as the difference in Charisma values, so any future Conflicts with
Factitious in which I am the acting player must be resolved with either
physical or magical combat.  I now move two spaces forward and am
blocked again by Tripper.  But this time I must fight since my Charisma
is two points less.  I have 5 strength and my opponent has 3, so I will
attack physically.  Here is how physical combat works.  It's all about
the seconds number in which the rule of the move officially takes place
(GMT).  If the one's place digit is less than or equal to the attacker's
strength, the attacker wins; if it is not but is less than or equal to
the sum of their strengths, the defender wins.  Otherwise it is a draw
and I will end up simply landing on space 8.  The winner stays put if
defending or continues if attacking, and the penalty for the loser is
determined by the tens digit of the official seconds--
0-Killed-physical form lost and piece sent to void.
1-Left in mud-pushed beside the space and transfer one charisma point to
the victor.
2-Wounded-pushed beside the space and lose one Strength (if any stat is
negative one is killed).
3-Kicked into next week-hurled forward to all spaces whose numerical
component is 7 greater than the conflict space and miss next turn.
4-Pushed one space farther than victor's final destination.
5-Sent back to start.
Whatever effects happen due to the combat take place at the beginning of
the next player's move.  During *this* move my piece does not land on
any space.  I hope that I will get kicked forward to space 15, from
which I will be able to choose which pathway I take.  Otherwise, one
goes into a superposition of states and takes BOTH pathways.

Aron Wall

Rule Date: 2001-10-01 05:27:53 GMT

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