From: Factitious (x40_at_pacbell.net)
Date: Fri Sep 28 2001 - 01:18:41 PDT


    This always seems to happen to me when playing this game.  Due to the
strange turn ordering (which I think has a non-deterministic element to
it), I have to begin late, when the early spaces are too crowded for
comfort.  I donít particularly want to give any of my opponents a better
chance of winning by bumping them back to space 70, but it looks probable.
Well, I have to roll, so I might as well not agonize over it.
    Letís see, Iíve rolled a two and a four.  By my math, that works out to
6, though addition is certainly a topic open to some debate.  This lands me
on a previously empty space, so I wonít bump anyone back. Whew!
    Anyway, some of you may be a bit confused with my piece.  Rather than
use one of the default pieces, I chose to start the game with a customized
one.  Itís a Klein Bottle, as I find the gameís defaults a bit simplistic
from a topological point of view.  My stats are fairly low - 1 strength, 2
magic, and a mere 0 charisma.  By the way, Aron, what did you get on your
charisma roll?  Did you not mention it because you feel itís low?  Iím not
embarrassed of my low rolls, I can assure you.  Itís still possible for me
to do well, even if it might have been better for me to take a default
    I could take another turn at this point, but I remember the adage
ďHaste makes wasteĒ and choose to wait for now.



Rule Date: 2001-09-28 08:15:16 GMT

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