169:4 - VALID +0.75

From: Glenn Overby II (guardcaptain_at_earthlink.net)
Date: Tue Sep 25 2001 - 18:41:13 PDT

Gallivanting Tripper writes:

>I think I?ll Gallivant in to join the game.
>I?ll start by placing my piece on Start (the space with the arrow), which of
>course everyone has to do when entering the board.
>Before me I see an imposing barricade of David on square 1, Alan on square 2
>and Jesse on the safe-house in 3.  Because of the blockade on 1 and 2, I
>can?t go beyond 2.  Carefully I roll...
>Fortunately I roll snake-eyes (all those years of craps practice haven?t
>gone to waste), which takes me to 2 and bumps poor old Alan back to start.
>Because I rolled a double, I can roll again, and now there?s no blockade in
>front of me.  I roll an 8, Tripping ahead to square 10, where I can get a
>bit of breathing space.
>PS, in case you?re wondering why my 2 was a double and Alan?s wasn?t, as
>all know the Frantic Racing Chits are played with two dice numbered from 0
>to 5.  Don?t ask me what happens when you roll a double 0, though!

The Judgement:

Validity:  No problems.

Style:  A good solution to the blockade which was threatening to choke play
(+0.5), and a creative explanation of the double to both introduce a new rule and
maintain consistency (+1.0).  I assume the ? in place of ' is some kind of computer
glitch, so I will not deduct for it.  (If it was by design, it is dubious style.)  No
restriction on future rulemakers (-0.5), and a little windy (-0.25).  The balance is a
respectable +0.75.

Reflections:  Two consecutive rules have failed to treat the Wizard with the
proper respect, by using his name instead of just his title.  I failed to catch the first
one before judging, so I can't really penalize the second without warning the
Committee.  But now everybody knows I'm watching.  Dissing the Wizard is not
stylish.  :-)   On another front, I'm curious about the 0-0 roll now.

Glenn E. Overby II "da judge"
Clinton Twp, MI


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Rule Date: 2001-09-26 01:42:40 GMT

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