From: Gallivanting Tripper (flix_os_at_hotmail.com)
Date: Tue Sep 25 2001 - 18:13:57 PDT

I think I?ll Gallivant in to join the game.

I?ll start by placing my piece on Start (the space with the arrow), which of
course everyone has to do when entering the board.

Before me I see an imposing barricade of David on square 1, Alan on square 2
and Jesse on the safe-house in 3.  Because of the blockade on 1 and 2, I
can?t go beyond 2.  Carefully I roll...

Fortunately I roll snake-eyes (all those years of craps practice haven?t
gone to waste), which takes me to 2 and bumps poor old Alan back to start.

Because I rolled a double, I can roll again, and now there?s no blockade in
front of me.  I roll an 8, Tripping ahead to square 10, where I can get a
bit of breathing space.

PS, in case you?re wondering why my 2 was a double and Alan?s wasn?t, as we
all know the Frantic Racing Chits are played with two dice numbered from 0
to 5.  Don?t ask me what happens when you roll a double 0, though!

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