169:1 - VALID +1.5

From: Glenn Overby II (guardcaptain_at_earthlink.net)
Date: Tue Sep 25 2001 - 09:14:34 PDT

The Wizard writes:

>This message should contain an attachment if you can not open it for what
>ever reason, I will post a copy on the web at.
>Hey everybody!  I have a new board game to play and you are all invited,
>hopefully you will all have copies of the board and so you will know what is
>going on.  When a FRC member posts a rule they will say what they roll,
>where they land and what happens to them there.
>Sadly I only roll a 2 and as such land on square 2, which is a dull square
>as nothing happens to me there.

The Judgement:

Validity:  No problems.

Style:  The board alone--wonderful creativity, with lots of room to improvise play--is
worth about +2.5.  The rule is clear, simple, complies with itself, and is in harmony
with the suggested theme.  Another +0.5.  Could this be a perfect 3?
Unfortunately, the attachment is a -1.0 for Style...in these days of viruses, an e-
mail attachment essential to a Rule is most unstylish.  Ping another -0.5 because I
had initial trouble with the Web version as well.  The net is still +1.5, as the Wizard
demonstrates why he's the Wizard.

Reflections:  I wanna play!  :)  But this board could make judging a riot.

Glenn E. Overby II "da judge"
Clinton Twp, MI


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      11th September 2001

Rule Date: 2001-09-25 16:15:58 GMT

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