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> Alan Riddell wrote:
> >
> > Doh!   Sorry, have been a bit ill and busy with work...  can only hope
> > the party goes well :)
> Feeling any better?  I hope you can participate in the new round.  If
> not, maybe you could drop Judge Glenn a note, since he's given you (as
> Wizard) the honor of posting the first rule.

Again I have been busy, and I did not even realise I was the Wizard.
Anyway, here goes.

This message should contain an attachment if you can not open it for what
ever reason, I will post a copy on the web at.

Hey everybody!  I have a new board game to play and you are all invited,
hopefully you will all have copies of the board and so you will know what is
going on.  When a FRC member posts a rule they will say what they roll,
where they land and what happens to them there.

Sadly I only roll a 2 and as such land on square 2, which is a dull square
as nothing happens to me there.

Alan Riddell

Rule Date: 2001-09-25 15:17:27 GMT

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