Sir-Toby.Com Privacy Policy

Last Updated: August 25th, 2008

At Sir-Toby.Com, your privacy is important. This privacy policy outlines what information is gathered about you while using the services on Sir-Toby.Com and how that information is used.

Information We Gather

When you use the various services offered on this site, such as Extend-A-Story and the phpBB forums, you have the option to enter personal information, such as your email address. With Extend-A-Story, entering your personal information is purely voluntary. You can still participate without entering any personal information. However, features that require your email address (such as receiving email notifications) will not function if you do not enter your email address. With the phpBB forum, you will not be allowed to create an account without entering an email address. You will still be able to read the forums, just not post yourself.

When you browse the Sir-Toby.Com web site, information about you and your browser is automatically stored in log files on the server. This information includes which pages you visit, which pages you came from, your browser type, and your IP address. Additionally, this site makes use of a cookie that tracks anonymous traffic data.

How Information Is Used

The information gathered with Extend-A-Story is used in various ways. You can receive email notifications of extensions to your episode. You can display your email address publicly for people to contact you. You can opt out of receiving email notifications and having your email address publicly viewable by selecting or de-selecting the appropriate options.

The information gathered with phpBB is used to verify that you have a valid email address. You can optionally make your email address publicly viewable and enter additional information. The information that you allow to be publicly viewable will be displayed in your profile page on the forum.

The information gathered in the server log file and via the tracking cookie is used to track the usage of the site.

Unless you allow your email address to be displayed publicly, your email address will never be disclosed to third parties. However, even if your email address is not displayed publicly, your email address may be used by the site administrator or a moderator to send you crucial messages regarding the site.

If you have any questions regarding this privacy policy, please contact the site administrator, Jeff Weston.