Portfolio of Projects - Map Editor

This map editor is part of another game project, called Dominate, that was never completed. The editor was created in C++ and designed to run under Windows 95/98/NT with DirectX 3. I used Borland C++ 5.0 to compile the editor. During this project I learned a great deal about Win32 API and DirectX programming. I also used RCS extensively to maintain the various revisions of the code.

There are several notable features about this editor: All of the bitmap files are stored in one big data file, as opposed to several smallers .bmp files. The editor can support any number of land .bmp tiles. You can save and load the map files. Please view the readme file included in the archive for full details.

While the code and executables are released into the public domain, the .bmp files are not. They are released with the code only to demonstrate how the code works. If you wish to use the code for your own purposes, you must create your own bitmaps. The bitmaps are by Apocalypse Games - Copyright (1997).

Dominate.zip (282 K)