Portfolio of Projects - Chain Reaction

Chain Reaction was a project I created for a class at OSU : CS 450 - Computer Graphics. It is a simple board game designed to run under Windows NT or 95 with OpenGL. The class was taught using OpenGL, so this project primarily uses OpenGL. I used MS Visual C++ 5.0 to compile the project.

While this game is based on a 2D board game, I used 3D graphics to create it, as it was a requirement for CS 450. The 3D effects and shading make it much more exciting than a simple top down 2D view. The ZIP file contains a readme that explains how to play, and also notable features of the game.

To run this game you need OpenGL and glut. The glut32.dll is included. OpenGL is built into NT. With Windows 95, you will need to download OpenGL from Microsoft. To compile this game, you will need the glut libraries and headers, available here.

Chain-Reaction.zip (880 K)

Glut 3.7 (3681 K)