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Old: Problems With Sir-Toby.Com

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Well, it looks like Sir-Toby.Com went down around 5:15 PM PDT (-0700) on Mother's day while I was still in Portland. I didn't notice it until last night when I just got back in to San Francisco. I've just managed to get a hold of my friend in Portland and got the server running again.

It seems that the server is having problems overheating. I'm working with my friend in Portland to try to resolve this issue. I'll try to post additional information as I get it. Please be advised that since my server is now being generously hosted by a friend of mine in Portland while I move, it is not currently under my direct control. Problems with the server may take a bit longer to resolve. Please be patient during this process.

For those who want to contact me when the Sir-Toby.Com server has gone down, please be aware that my primary email address is also hosted on the same server. I won't be able to see your email until the server comes back online. I have a backup email address that can be used instead during these circumstances:


Please, only use this address for issues relating to problems accessing the Sir-Toby.Com server. All other issues should be sent to my primary email address.
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