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Who'd win in a fight? An angry, armed to the teeth Lord Fred or a severely beaten, drugged, naked Batman?

the Batman

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that's a no-brainer! even if drugged, even if severely beaten, and even if naked, Bruce Wayne (the Batman) would kick Fred's butt! Bruce is psychotic! he is borderline schizophrenic! he witnessed his own parents' murder! Fred wouldn't have a chance!
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But Fred has a sword and Batman is, presumably, unarmed. I reckon that it's Batman who would have no chance.

batman "unarmed"?

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you don't read many comic books do you? :D Bruce Wayne is a trained warrior! He can kill you multiple ways with his bare hands! His whole BODY is a weapon! Besides, it would be pretty simple to disarm Fred... you HAVE been reading NEQ, right? and never forget: Bruce is psychotic! the majority of Fred episodes and Fred authors make him out to be a "nice guy".
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Ben McClellan
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All I can remember is a recurring trend of threads on a HeroClix message board where they would pair off Batman against just about every pop culture figure they could think of, from Dave Thomas (founder of Wendy's) to Ralph Wiggum.

Personally, I still have faith in Wesley Willis whuppin' Batman's ass.


Ralph Vs. Dave

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Ralph Wiggum vs. Dave Thomas would rock

Dave: Hello, little boy. Would you like some fries?
Ralph: This store smells like KrustyBurger!
Dave: It's Wendy's, a great fast food resturaunt.
Ralph: Daddy says boogers are not candy.
Dave: He's right. Now come overe here and look at the kid's menus. ::Dave puts his hand on Ralph's upper arm::
Ralph: Bad touch! Bad touch! My shoulder is a no-no place! ::Ralph head-butts Dave's knee, which goes out::
Dave: You little bastard! I'll destroy you!
Ralph: You sound like Groundskeeper Willie after his special medicine!
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All I know is that I don't know anything.

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My money is on Fred. Medieval-type knights were no joke. To lift their massive bastard swords and wear all that heavy plate mail, they would train relentlessly, holding massive stone boulders in each hand for hours on end since the time they were Squires. True, they were severe alcoholics almost to a man, but the rules of the duel do not say Fred is drunk.

Batman on the other hand, is severely drugged. He is likely under the effects of various sedatives, Demerol and crystal meth. He probably can't even see straight. He is severely beaten, so likely he has some fractures and bruises that reduce his strength and speed, as well as possible brain damage. To top it off, he is naked, so he doesn't have any of his equipment.

It's really not a fair fight. Even the weakest Fred would win. On the other hand, if Batman were at full strength, it would depend on which storyline Fred came from. Obviously most Freds would die a horrible death, but then there's all those pesky Eternal Champions... they could kick Batman's ass. Unless Batman was an Eternal Champion too. Then I really don't know.
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