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Would you be interested in a Sir-Toby.Com wiki?

Yes! I would love to use a wiki to create episode guides!
I like the idea of a wiki, but I doubt I'd create anything on it.
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No. I have no interest in a wiki.
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Sir-Toby.Com Wiki - Poll

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So I'm again thinking of adding a wiki to Sir-Toby.Com. My desire is that authors can use the wiki as a collaborative space to create episode guides for the stories here. There have been a number of episode guides created in the past that have since gone defunct. While we've tried to keep them alive using the Wayback Machine, the result isn't always pretty. My hope is that a wiki on Sir-Toby.Com would give authors a convenient place to create episode guides that isn't going to vanish.

However, running a wiki involves some maintenance headaches. In particular: I'll need to keep it updated and it will be another vector for spam.

So before I go down this path, I'd like to ask: Would you be interested in a Sir-Toby.Com wiki?
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