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Jenny Everywhere

Posted: Thu Mar 24, 2016 3:49 am
by KnightRandom
The episode I just wrote (522) explains what her basic deal is, but here's a little more--Jenny Everywhere's an "open source character," meant to be used by anyone who wants in any universe. She was created on a comics forum back in the early 00s and been in a bunch of webcomics. Unfortunately, the central Jenny Everywhere site is down right now but here's what has of it.

I've written a number of Jenny Everywhere stories in the past; Laura is from some of them and I'll explain her more once I've wrote up the next episode, probably tomorrow. The narrative voice of that thread fit her character well, so here we are.

Posted: Sun Mar 27, 2016 6:24 pm
by KnightRandom
So, Laura Drake is a character who's popped up in a couple of Jenny Everywhere things I've written--a sort of brilliant, abrasive would-be mad scientist type who started out as the "companion" type character but also has the potential to be her archenemy. Jenny has all her memories from different lives, so she's well aware of this. Her relationship with Laura across different worlds is similar to Superman and Luthor, or the Doctor and the Master. Laura turning to evil isn't inevitable but it's happened a lot, and the fundamental tension is whether Jenny can get through to her in time and they can keep this from happening.

Although the narrator in other branches is much more chill and less potential supervillain-y, aspects of her voice and situation still reminded me of Laura. In particular, there's the sense of being in a private world that you can't quite express to people around you, which is also true of Jenny, because of her unique form of consciousness.

Cardinal Dracula is from another Jenny Everywhere story I wrote elsewhere, which makes a nice thematic mirror for the episodes leading into this. And the bus is from another short piece I wrote. (The redhead's a character from an RP I was in; she's not anyone we know but might be related to her.)