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This one is going to look like an oddball, so I will explain. I saw some WolfRun episodes had been written within the last month or so, and was curious. I read back a bit, and found suggestions in episode 1947 that Europe did exist in this fantasy world, but that they could not send colonies to America.

So I described the state of a few kingdoms in Europe about 100 years into the colonial era. I chose 1611 in part because it was a relatively peaceful year, before the Thirty Years War.

It should be obvious that I am foreshadowing that Iceland is the target of Sythabus. So I gave a sketchy overview of the nations that were between the Ottoman Empire and Iceland at that time. Kosem Sultan was the power behind the throne in the Ottoman Empire for years, and she would have enough steel to hold her own against a dragon. With Sythabus coming from the desert (as WolfRun wrote), the Ottoman Empire would be the appropriate place to make an appearance. The Ottoman Empire had control over much of north Africa. I left out Spain and Portugal of Phillip III. I just ran out of imagination. Henry IV of France was assassinated in 1610, so I tweaked history a bit, and let him live. This allows for the dragon's party, once they get ships, to land in France. The kingdoms of James I, Scotland and Ireland, are also on the way to Iceland, so I included him as well.

Thulian spar based on Iceland spar, a mineral that has two indexes of refraction. It doubles images when held at the correct angle.
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