Hey,im not registerd any more and i cant type in my name

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Noise Tank

Hey,im not registerd any more and i cant type in my name

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What the hecks happening here!About 3 days ago i was regesterd,now i cheak the member list and"poof"im gone(in other words, im no longer regesterd).And another thing,any time im regesterd,i cant write my name in.It says something like"Sorry,but Noise Tank is already taken".Can anyone tell me why?! :x
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Sir Toby
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You used an invalid email address...

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I've seen you try to register twice. Both times you used an invalid email address. In accordance with the announcment I made earlier, I deleted the accounts that were registered with an invalid email address. In order to register, you must use a valid email address. Please see the announcment I made earlier for full details:

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