Random observations...

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Hi! My name is Ib!
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Random observations...

Post by Hi! My name is Ib! »

First of all I noticed that "Y's" signature has been replaced with "YY".

Any reason? No biggie. Just idle curiosity.

Secondly, I've noticed that this forum, along with a few others I 'frequent', has become more or less dead.

I DO miss the 'primitive' forums. Not just on this site.

It seems with HEAVY loads of traffic a message board forum of this type might be well needed. But with a site like NEQ, that has just a handful of frequent gatherers, it's just too much.

Maybe it's just me. I remember in '03 this site was crawling with activity. Seemed warmer. Same year the new forums were introduced. I never liked them from the beginning.

Again, no biggie. Just a casual observation.
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Post by JH »

To switch to YY was at his choice. I can't remember his reasons, but a search through the Bulletin Board might find the message in whivh he requested the change.

I think the Bulletin Board is quiet at the moment because the addventure is quiet. We have our busy phases and our quiet phases.
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Post by Won-Tolla »

Y(Y)es there was a reason and here it is.
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