Is the Sarah the Elf thead based on the Lotr universe?

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Is the Sarah the Elf thead based on the Lotr universe?

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I seem to notice JH talking about something like that in another topic. So, should I be sticking to the J.R.R. Tolken Universe, or am I free to add references from Dragonlance and Eragon as well?

Not that it really matters. Even if that's what the thread was supposed to have been, do you really think the rules would be followed (If you answered yes to that, you expect too much).
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The threads descending from options 3 and 4 of episode 181 would have to be set in the LotR universe, I think. But nothing from LotR has been introduced into the threads coming off from options 1 and 2 of 181, as far as I can see, and those are where most of the writing has been done.

Basically, nothing that you write should contradict a direct ancestor of the episode you are writing (parent, grandparent, etc), but there is no need to take any account of anything written in episodes that aren't direct ancestors.
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